What was your favorite decade and why?

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Multiple choice is accepted and you may state any favorite year as well, you are free to do what you will.

My multiple choice decades were the 1950’s and 1980’s.

1950’s because it was a more moral time and we probably didn’t have a curse on America then. We went to sleep at night with the front door open.

1980’s because me and my father hunted and fished together. I would go camping in camper trailer with my parents also I would go on vacation with them in the camper.

I had so much fun in the 1980’s.


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I only have two to choose from. They’re both not too great :(

In the 2000s, or the latter half of the 2000s when I had memory, I didn’t have all the same problems I have today, but still had to deal with the onset of my family’s financial collapse and difficulties...

In the 2010s, I was confined to almost nonexistent privacy for a decade and had to deal with frequent verbal abuse, episodes of severe mental stress, and near abject loneliness for the last 3.5 years. Not to mention an emotionally devastating move at the start of the decade and another one after the end.

Neither are particularly great options, but I’d probably choose the 2010s because I had a good amount of positive experiences in High School.

I don’t want another ten years here, though.

I sure hope my third decade will soon start out in Heaven instead.
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Probably the 90s because I was too young to remember them!

Jokes aside, the 2010s were pretty good to me for the most part, and it's the only decade I fully remember. This decade, on the other hand....

Had to edit my comment it was too negative, sorry guys :laugh

I think I read it before the edit, and I didn't find it too negative. It at least wasn't any worse than Ecclesiastes :wink

It's nice to see someone around my age posting frequently. :pray things look up for you. It seems like a lot of sorrow has been packed into your life