What Was Your Favorite Childhood Halloween Costume that You Wore?


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My personal favorite was Zorro, from the TV series. Two best parts were the cape and the sword. The sword was plastic naturally and it had a piece of chalk at the end so you could slash 'Z' or whatever. Guy Madison or Antonio Banderas (Zorro) would have been proud.

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There was one time (when I was more into secular music and wasn't serious about following Christ) that I dressed up as Paul Stanley from kiss. We don't celebrate Halloween so I just did it for fun but didn't go anywhere lol:lol wouldn't do it again though as I don't like kiss anymore annnnnnd the paint was a pain to get off my face lolol. Did it all my self curled the wig to make it puffy like the 80s hair and did the face paint myself.


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You know, I can't remember one Halloween costume I wore as a child.............. I guess it wasn't that big a thing to me, and I can't even remember if I went trick-or-treating each and every year. I only recall one or two times, offhand.

But, I DO remember going to a Halloween party at an adult friend's place in the early 80's. I sewed our costumes.......... my husband was a sunflower with a green stalk and leaves. I was a bumblebee, hovering around him all evening!!!


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When I was a kid, I loved the movie "Ghost Busters," And I wanted to be one for Halloween! So, my dear grandmother, who having honed her seamstress skills through a life of poverty, made a perfect replica of the GhostBuster Uniform. Either she or my mom even sowed a "Ghost Busters" patch on the arm sleeve. The only thing it DIDN'T have was a particle accelerator backpack. My grandpa had actually constructed a fully functional unit, but my mom thought I might do something irresponsible with it, so I got shafted in that regard. But, still, coolest costume ever.


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I vaguely recall Mickey Mouse, the Flying Nun, an angel, and then later I used to wear whatever dance costume I had from the latest recital. None really stand out as a favorite.