What scriptures support the trinity and rapture?


Hi everybody Well I have a question. I have been having a discussion about the trinity and rapture with people that are Unitarians. I was wondering what scriptures that I can give them to read that support the trinity and rapture?

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Hi ShawnyK,

Those are two difficult topics to explain to those who either have been taught incorrectly, read with pre-suppositions when reading scripture, don’t have ears to hear or discernment and understanding that only comes by being born again (indwelt by the Holy Spirit). Imho, of course.

These certainly aren’t one or two verse topics that will convince anyone but are doctrinal truths derived from the totality of all scripture.

Here’s a couple to start with on the Trinity.

What does the Bible teach about the Trinity?
Understanding the Biblical Doctrine of the Trinity (Godhead)

Jack Kelley has many good articles at his site.

Defending The Pre-Trib Rapture (Again) | GracethrufaithGracethrufaith

Dr. Ice and many other scholars at the site below have a wealth of information, look under articles or use the search feature.

Pre-Trib Research Center -

Of course right here at RF is a great resource , link will take you to many great articles.

Search Results

I know this isn't a list of verses you may have been looking for but it should get you started. Praying the Holy Spirit will lead you as share with others.


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Praying in agreement that the Lord speak through you and give you true grace under pressure.

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