What kind of spider could it be?


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There was a BIG red spider with a huge web in our backyard. Mac took down most of its' web which went from our tree to a bush to the bush next to it to the fence and even to the ground. This spider has a very large body and long legs, and moves very quickly. What kind of spider could it be???

Okay maybe it was more orange than red...... I thought it was a leaf at first, but when Mac went out there he said no it was a spider.
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Without seeing a picture, I would guess it was some variety of orb weaver. They tend to be very large ... some a quarter of a foot across, with thick, strong, massive webs. The Golden Orb Weaver is common to parts of Florida.


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Thanks Adrian! That is what it is. I looked it up and there she was, a great big orange spider with long legs. I wonder if she will rebuild her web or if she will move somewhere else. I think she needs to move on. I don't need a spider so big that I could see it from inside the house.