What is the TRUE definition of dispensationalism? (and is it true?)

I'm fully aware! Still, why one dispensation period over the other?
There are still Noahides around, believe it or not.

Seems as if they missed the law of Moses and the law of Christ.

From beginning to end it's about Christ, as I'm sure you are aware. Once Christ was revealed, should anyone look back?

It's easy to see the difference between the law of Moses and the age of grace. What did men do before Moses?


I don't understand It all. Not sure why God in the OT acts differently in The NT. He is the same as yesterday, today, and tomorrow???
The one thing that helps me is going to the foot of the cross.
It is there perhaps that I can get some
perspective on His righteousness, and on his His love.
As I walk away from the foot of the cross I realize, God is good ,and I'm not!!!
Think of it this way. God deals with us spiritually today because we have been born again. Being born again was not possible until after Jesus's death, burial, and resurrection. Nobody in the old testament had a born again spirit so God had to deal with them physically, in ways their physical senses would understand. That doesn't mean God Himself changes, just the way He deals with man. Does that make sense?
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Dispensationalism. From dispensation. Root word dispense.

God dispensed His grace in various ways throughout history.

Same God, same grace. :)


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Good question with many teachers having different opions.

IMO, we will reside in Gods Kingdom in Heaven, but will be able to go back and forth to earth during the MK.
That's my opinion well be going back and forth from new Jerusalem doing our roles in the millennium something that we're being taught now, just my thinking not dogmatic about it.