What I believe this final fourth worldwide kingdom/government will look like.


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Neonap said, "Since Biden is all on board with this Great Reset, I suspect if he gets in we will start to see the push to implement this agenda go forward at breakneck speed. "

Biden has been president for 9 months and everything that has happened in these 9 months has happened at a breakneck speed. The nature of everything that has been happening I would have thought to take years. But no. Biden's got his finger on the accelerator and he'll be breaking the speed limit pretty soon. Will we even see the midterm elections? Will we even get a chance to win back both houses and try to get some semblance of order in America?

It seems to me that as Biden is going at full speed ahead, God's hand keeps pulling back until he says "OK. That's it. Time is up. I've seen everything I want to see. The last soul is in the book of Life. And all of my children are coming home where they belong. They've done their job. They've run the race. Time for dinner".
Oh glorious Day! What a day of rejoicing it will be!


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I agree about it being the worst and it will have nukes, internet and telecommunication, air and land transporting equipment, modern technologies of all sorts, and lots and lots of rabid, leftist, socialist, marxist, globalist, elitist mainstream media providing global PR.