What happened when Gantz arrived in Washington


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I thought you'd enjoy this skit I posted on another Christian site. Picture your favorite comedians on the set of Johnny Carson. Although, it's what could, sadly, have been what actually happened :)

Girl, about 10: Hi, Mr. Gantz. Can I have your autograph, Sir?

Gantz (a bit startled as he waits int he outer office): Oh, uh... sure. (He begins to sign.) Who are you?

Girl: I'm in grade school here in D.C.. I won an essay contest and got to come her for the day.

Gantz: Oh, well, congratulation. I'm sure you didn't expect this honor, of being able to (he seems a little more uneasy), well, meet a foreign dignatary...

Girl: Actually, not really. They said to expect you.

Gantz: Oh, well, that's nice... uh, did you happen to hear... where anyone is?

Girl: Oh, they're gone. It's just my parents and I here. And the secretary.

Gantz: The.. (he gets nervous again) secretary. By that you mean... the one I saw who types on the computer and,,,

Girl: ...Takes messages; yeah, that one.

Gantz: (Mouth agape for a moment): I'm... supposed to be having an emergency meeting because of this Iran deal. Is the State Secretary available, or the President. or...?

Girl: No, sorry. But, I'm class President, if that helps. (Gantz slumps in his seat, as she keeps talkign his body language is more and more desperate) Also, I'm a born again Christian. When my teacher told them about my essay, she said she wasn't sure if they'd find anything for me to do - but then this came up. They said "Those two deserve each other."

Gantz: What am I supposed to do, this Iran deal will be a disaster for both our countries!

Girl: There's another essay contest coming up in the spring. (Gantz groans) Don't worry, I didn't know if I could win, either. But, my parents say it's always important to try. You might get to meet someone important from our government then.

Gantz: Did you meet anyone?

Girl: No. But, I had faith. And, I did meet someone special. I met you.(Gantz looks deflated) Wanna come back home with us and have some milk and cookies?

Gantz (sighing as he gets up and follows): At least Israel has some friends in the world yet.