What Happened to You Today?


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Our day started with fried egg sandwiches, and 2 slices of bacon each. We went to get gas for our lawn mower to cut the front yard, and Jeff trimmed our Forsythia bush. We wanted to get it cut before it rains they are saying 80% chance of rain. Everyone enjoy your weekend be safe. :bighug

Ghoti Ichthus

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Finally! The mobile vampire met me at my old church and drew my blood! Prayers answered (thank you @athenasius your prayers surely helped


Got a shelf that had been out of stock for awhile, finally found a place to buy a soft-lead pencil, got almost everything we needed at WF, and got Dad's newspapers at the first place I went to.

JESUS!!! :thankyou

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Praising my Savior all the day long!
Strapped the bikes in the back of my truck, and we drove 15 miles to a nice bike trail that runs along a river, then ended with a huge and steep hill climb. Its nice for us to get away from our normal routes and enjoy different scenery while cycling.
It is so awesome that your wife is feeling so good and can join you, it has to make you smile brother \0/ \0/ \0/ praising Him!

Armor of Light

Praising my Savior all the day long!
Mary and I ventured out to the lake for some early morning outdoor enjoyment, her childhood friend was suppose to join us but she had to cancel (a touch of brown bottle bug :rolleyes: ) we had fun relaxing in our chairs and watching the momma Mallard ducks swimming with their little ones, and lots of Canadian geese, a few Blue Herons and so many birds singing, some yellow birds not sure what they are but they are colorful, even at 6am! Caught some fish and just enjoyed the morning. After a couple hours we packed up our gear and headed home, cleaned up a bit and went to Long John Silvers for lunch, it was great, then shopping for some clothes item's Mary needed, then grocery shopping and stop for gas $4.59 gal. Now she is busy putting shooters(curlers) in her hair for work tomorrow and I'm loafing in the kings lazy boy recliner typing on some threads for a while, home for the day, too hot now to go anywhere 95* and crazy humid.

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Went for a jog this morning and then spent the rest of the day trying to wash the ALCAN off my truck and trailer. I was not successful but the truck it about 80% clean. The last 20% will require a lot of work. The ALCAN takes a toll on vehicles that drive it. Now I'm cooking dinner for the family and relaxing a bit.


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We finalized the design on the kitchen cabinets and picked out the counters which are going to be quartz and flooring which is going to be vinyl............oh I will think of the name of it tomorrow. Because Mac is a Navy vet and always pays off the bill in full we got a 40% discount off the total bill. This includes installation.:cheer


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I haven't heard any fireworks here. It doesn't get dark in July so we mostly have fireworks on 1 Jan, but I'll still occasionally here a little fireworks on July 4th, but not yet.
No fireworks here either. Very few tonight (4th), probably because we are under a burn ban, and fireworks during burn ban here is illegal. So, I had a peaceful nights' rest last night, and hopefully tonight as well! The older I get, the more I value my sleep, lol!


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Today was a busy day. I weeded the garden this morning, then came inside to do laundry, and make breakfast for hubby. I vacuumed all the furniture, then the floors, and got the floors mopped. I Washed the dishes, then went back outside to do some more weeding in the garden. Went back and forth between the garden and doing laundry. It has been 100 degrees or higher here, so I can't stay out for long periods of time. I came back in and cooked supper, we ate, I jumped in the shower, and now just unwinding from the day. Tomorrow, I get my mother from my sisters. She will be here all week.


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Walked out to the garden to do some weeding and potato hilling. Looked at the potatoes and discovered lots of little red bugs on them just eating away. Think they are Colorado beatles. They look like the ones on the internet only a b it redder. So the rest of the day was trying to find something that would cause them to drop off the potato plant dead. No luck. So went to store and purchased a sprayer and a variety of chemicals. Mixed and sprayed. Then son fixed pizza. Will see tomorrow.