What happened to Russia's President Vladimir Putin?


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What happened to Russia's President Vladimir Putin?
MIDDLE ISRAEL: The journey to his Ukrainian fiasco began in Syria, where he became delusional about Russian victory and Western defeat.
Published: MAY 14, 2022

Is Vladimir Putin sick?

The more his Ukrainian bankruptcy matures the more such rumors fly. A video clip of a meeting in which he is seen gripping the table and tapping his foot, made some speculate he has Parkinson’s. Other rumors suggested cancer, depression and narcissistic psychosis.

Well don’t believe these conclusions, none of which has been backed by relevant experts, as German broadcaster Deutsche Welle noted after reviewing the footage with scientists (“Putin and Parkinson’s,” April 28). We must therefore assume that what we face is not a derailed Putin, but the real one. How, then, did Putin’s career lead to what may well emerge as its last act?

THE LENINGRAD where Putin was born and raised was a devastated metropolis that had recently emerged from a 28-month siege in which a million people died, mostly of starvation. One of the famine’s victims was two-year-old Viktor Putin, who died roughly when mother Maria’s brothers and father were killed and her husband was wounded while fighting, a decade before Vladimir was born.

Vladimir Putin’s apparent conclusion from this baggage has been that war is a natural part of life, a historic recurrence that cannot be avoided, and a political inevitability that can give its victor great rewards. It was in that setting that Putin learned the term Nazism, which he was educated to understand differently from us in the West.

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