What Does the Death of Facebook Mean?


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I truly despise Facebook but would never see any family photos or hear any family news without it. I hardly ever post anything except a comment to family. Haven't posted any photos for several years.
I too, have relatives that can’t get their faces out of it! One spends her entire day wrapped up in everything from quilting, organizing, cats, dogs, those mushy selected Bible verse pages that she passes on, but deep down she knows nothing about, red hat pages, etc., ad nauseum……. meanwhile, her daughter, my granddaughter, whom she allows to go to school online, is failing because she’s not being made to do anything! Lord have mercy!

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It was sad for me today, i'm in a rapture ready group on fb, i rarely participate in the discussions but do enjoy the occasional lurk on their discussions.

Only in the last few days their mod of the group bizarrely attacked OSAS and called it a 'doctrine of devils' to my shock and disgust.

I left the group immediately and now only use messenger as that group was the main thing that i went on there for.