What do you call your Grandparents?


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Okay I did a little "field research" for this thread - and some for the in-law thread too. :biggrin2

Sunday afternoon while at a baby shower the question came up what the maternal grandmother was going to be called since this is her first grandchild. She said, "I think I just want to be called Grandma," and from that point on everybody started throwing out all these other names she could be called and it became pretty amusing. Several times she said, "Can't I be Grandma? Really I just want to be Grandma!" but the ladies weren't willing to settle for that! :lol

I found the entire discussion to be fascinating since we've been talking about it on here. Then I called my sister this afternoon and we talked it over too. Neither of us have grandchildren yet, but it's never too soon to begin thinking of names!


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I was blessed to have all four of my grandparents and one set of great-grandparents around until I was 17. I called my maternal grandparents Mammaw and Granddaddy and my paternals Mammaw and PopPop. I called my great-grandparents Grandma Ada and Poppy. My dd could say only a few words because of her disabilities, but she called my dad "Ha-Ha" and my mom "He-Haw." Whenever I called my parents and put her on the phone, she immediately started saying "Ha-Ha" because she loved for my dad to talk to her. She never called my in-laws anything because sadly they didn't have much to do with her and rarely saw her.
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@Leigh nothing wrong with the traditional names. I think individualized names are great too. How about Lee-Lee??
I love how Mrs @Andy C is called honey.

Choose one you like because it sticks forever. I wouldn't change mine, I love being a MiMi. BUT, there are a lot of Mimis. In public when I hear MiMi, I immediately start looking around.

Andy C

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One of my nephews use to say Pappy. I liked that.
I almost chose to be called Pappy. My fathers dad died long before I was born, but my grandmother always referred to him as Pappy. I was visiting her once when I was about 8, and I found a hammer under her bed. I asked her why it was there. She said it was in case a man broke in, she could conk him over the head and then have a new husband…. :oops: :biggrin