What do you call your Grandparents?


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It's always interesting to hear what folks call their grandparents.

I called mine Grandmama and Granddaddy

Dh called his mother Big Maw-Maw and his Gma was Lil Maw-Maw ( French pronunciation).

My daughter always called me Mimi and it stuck. My whole family calls me that including all kids.

My husband is called Pop-pee by the kids.

What did yall call your gparents and what do your kids/gkids call you??


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In the Philippines we call our grandpa and grandma "lolo" and "lola". My lolo passed away in early 1990s, can't remember which year. He's the sweetest and allowed my younger brother to cut his hair, much to the horror of my lola. My lola was a bit more strict and she was the one who raised us when my mother worked in the middle east. She passed about 10 years ago. Despite her being a staunch catholic, my mother led her to the Lord during the final months of her life.

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What did yall call your gparents and what do your kids/gkids call you??
Grandparents on both sides were gone before I was born. When I was to become a grandparent for the first time, I asked our older son to have his children call us Grandpa and Grandma. Part of the reason I liked it was because there was a lot items for sale in stores, towels, etc., that say Grandma. I bought a few of those for myself, because I was so-o happy to be a Grandma.
:whisper One Sunday after church, I was carrying my little baby granddaughter, and I started skipping out of sheer delight over the little treasure I was holding in my arms. And I did not care one thing of what anyone thought about it. :yeah

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Paternal grandparents were Mammaw and Pappaw, maternal grandparents were Nana and Pop. I knew my great grandparents on my paternal grandmother’s side and I called them Ma and Pa. I’m Mama but am Mom in my daughter’s contacts, my husband is Daddy but listed as Dad in her contact list. Our son has taken to calling us Ma and Pa. My kids call my mom Gramma and even though my dad passed away before they were born, they refer to him as Papa. MIL is Mawmaw. FIL chose to not be in my husband’s life and he wasn’t a good person anyway so he isn’t mentioned. If he is his first name is used. He’s deceased.


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We called the one set Grandma and Grandpa and the other Omi & Opa. It helped us tell them apart. Only, my other cousins called my Omi and Opa "Grandma" and "Grandpa" so sometimes I felt shy calling them that in front of the others. All my great-grandparents were 'Great Oma' and "Great Opa" though. Only the one set was alive and in Canada so they were the only ones I met. My only other living great-Oma was in Brazil. The others had all died before I was born.

Our kids call my parents Grandma and Grandpa and my inlaws Oma and Opa. It works out because my brother's inlaws also want to be called Oma and Opa while my parents wanted to be Grandma and Grandpa.

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My paternal Grandmother died in 1925 when my father was seven years old; my mother forbided my Grandfather to come to the house because he was an alcoholic. So, all I can say about him was I have seen him, but don't remember him.

My maternal Grandfather had a stroke and he lingered in bed until his death when I was two, I have no memory of him.

So, Exie was the only one I knew, she had six children. I loved her very much.


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One Sunday after church, I was carrying my little baby granddaughter, and I started skipping out of sheer delight over the little treasure I was holding in my arms. And I did not care one thing of what anyone thought about it. :yeah

I love that - so precious!!! :cloud9

I was blessed to have both sets of grandparents into adulthood and we called them Grandmother/Granddaddy-first name.

My own mother had made clear when I was a little girl that under no circumstances did she ever want to be called granny as it conjured up (in her mind at least) thoughts of a little old lady, gray hair in a bun, sitting in a rocking chair, knitting - and she didn't want that image! :lol

So, when my boys were little they called my parents Mama/Papa-first name but eventually that became Grandmother & Grandfather.

My boys call me Mother and dh is Dad.


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My grandfather died long before I was born. My grandmother, who when I was very little was called “Moose” for reasons unknown to me, was known as Gran to us kids, and Mother to Mom. I suspect Moose was in relation to her long legs, she played basketball and violin in school, and became a nurse, then worked as an insurance broker. She made the best fried chicken, and I miss her. We had been taking her to church with us in her later years, and one Wednesday night we did not go, but she had made friends with some of the older ladies, so she drove herself. She called me after service and said “T, I went down to the altar tonight and got saved.” That was a couple years before the dementia started stealing her mind. Shortly before she passed in the nursing home, she was perpetually napping or resting her eyes, but humming tunes. She opened them and asked me could I hear the “church music”, too. I said no Gran, I can’t hear it, but I know they are waiting for you up there, or something to that effect. She waited until I went out to smoke a cigarette, when I came back in the room she was gone.

Now what was interesting about Grandad, he was a logger up around the N.C./VA border. He often worked with another man, a Glover, forget his initials in the old news clipping I have somewhere that Mom found. For the past 15 or so years, I have done graphics for a B. Glover‘s timber businesses, who is the grandson of the man my grandfather cut timber with. How about that?!

eta: oh, and the violin manifested again also, both my sons play. I have not a lick of musical talent, unless it involves calling owls.

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Grandma is what I called them both, and both their husbands were gone before I was born. I remember my dads mom hiking me the football and jogging out for a pass in her early 70s. They both lived to be 95.

Our granddaughters both call me poppa, and my wife “honey”.


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I'm still a little sad sometimes I'm unable to have more kids so I'm already looking forward to being a grandmother. My son has special needs so he won't be getting married but my daughter is only 8. It will be a while. haha I definitely would want to be called 'grandma'. But I guess we'd have to see what the inlaws would want to be called too. My Omi is quite the character. I remember once asking my mom if she would want to be called Omi when the time came and she had said, "there is only one Omi" (it's her mother). And she thought Oma was 'old' sounding. I think so too. I don't know why that is. Maybe because my Oma and Opa were the older grandparents.


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My dear departed sister's gkids called her CiCi and her husband was GranGran.

My parents were Mammy and Pa-pa.

They are in Heaven now and this thread is so bittersweet. It has me thinking of how much I miss them but also What A Day That Shall Be!!!!

I never knew my paternal gdaddy but my mama always referred to him as Mr Ruston. He is the only one I am unsure of his salvation.
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