What Do You Believe About Impeachment?

Do You Believe Our President Will Be Impeached?

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Absolutely ! Somewhere in these forums is an article “can you be a Christian and be a Democrat”?
Go no further than their platform. Anyone would be hard pressed to explain it’s relevance to God’s principles.
It is so important that no matter our party we should go by Christian beliefs. The Democrat party goes against so much of Christian values. It is wrong for any Christian to vote for a party that represents killing babies.


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I believe it is part, a big part, of Satan's efforts to establish a one world government and thus usher in the AC. I further think Trumps election was a surprise to him, as it was to many, and he wants, at all costs, to get Trump out of the way. Trump is certainly 'flawed' in many ways, but he is God's appointed for this time in history. There are still some to come to faith and with Trump gone, I think the doors to witnessing will close rapidly. Many church leaders, including this current pope, have stated that conversions shouldn't be done. So, when Trump leaves, the country will, I think, go wholeheartedly for socialism and all of the related nonsense (climate change, gun control, immigration,....it all ties in by doing anything to eliminate individualism and bring in govt. oversight). It will be like the final plug holding back the dam of rebellion. The world will go quickly to 'oneness' and that will lead to the AC and since Christians won't be around to witness the rise of the AC (my understanding of Scripture), it follows that the rapture will come soon after the world becomes united. I also think the pope will be the False Prophet, maybe not this current pope, but a pope. And aliens are going to start showing up too,..part of Satan's great deception. It's going to be ugly.


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All the while this is going on, NONE of the legislators is doing what they were elected to do! :doh2

My 2 cents says that he will be found not guilty with all charges dropped. Then in November, he will be re-elected by a landslide regardless of who opposes him, and both the Senate and House of Representatives will have a majority of Republicans. Talk about heaven on earth!

My prediction also!!


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Thankfully and rightfully, President Trump will be acquitted by the Senate. This impeachment hoax is just the Dem's last gasp to get him defeated this Nov. I would like to see Trump and the GOP win big, like take the House and keep the Senate in BIG numbers, and send Pelosi and Shift back to their communes in California.

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This is revenge because Trump beat Hillary. They were planning to impeach him long before he was inaugurated. Trump has been overturning much of the obama agenda. Before the election, Trump said he wanted to clean the swamp. The swamp monsters got all riled up and have actually exposed themselves, instead of remaining quiet and hidden. I hope the voters open their eyes and do some house cleaning to eliminate the swamp creatures from their own districts. Perhaps we should build a big wall around D.C. and call it the National Zoo.


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I was thinking about an Amtrax train trip package this summer., hotel and the whole works, to the visit DC, like to see the Smithsonian and more... But if I decide to go, I will need to keep reminding myself what the Founders intended instead of what a bureaucratic swamp it has become. I wonder if they would let me bring spray disinfectant along on the trip.