What Biblical person do you relate to as you being like.


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You know, I have often heard of a prostitute...?Martha?? But I haven't read it in the scripture.
Where does that come from??
Yes - you haven't read it in scripture, because there is no scriptural proof of it. Yet many assume this "sinful woman of the city" earned the money for her expensive oil this way. Some have said she is the same woman as the one who anointed Jesus' head with oil....some say it's the same woman in two separate instances. Some say the woman was Mary Magdalene. I've gone round and round about it and finally decided that it doesn't really matter...but what does matter is that I avoid making assumptions and filling in the blanks with my own or other's human ideas.

"Alabaster Box" sung by CeCe Winans makes me cry tears of gratitude for my Lord and Savior:cry
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I am the woman with the alabaster box.

(No, I was not a prostitute - and that is an assumption made about her. )
It is believed that woman was Mary sister of Martha. She was called a sinner or a bad woman. As her sins were contrasted as being many - great, some would make assumptions as to her vocation.

John 11:2
And it was the Mary who anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped His feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick.


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I felt like God was kind of prodding me to accept a job offer after working at the same organization for 39 years. I took the new job and have been so stressed out over all the work I have to do now and end up working 12 hour days. I keep asking God for help just like the help Moses got and was able to delegate some if his job duties. I also can relate to all the complaining Moses had to deal with. Sometimes I find myself complaining to God "I would have been better off at my old job". (Just like the people complained that they would have been better off in Egypt). I am thankful God still loves me even when I fail Him.


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Amos ... I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet. Plus he worked with trees/nature/agriculture.

And more than a bit like Martha, always busy but not necessarily doing the most important things.