What are your primary hobbies?


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The only thing that kindle can't recreate is the smell of an old book and the feeling of turning paper over. Am I weird for liking the smell of really old books? :lol
You're not weird at all! The main reason I read e-books is they don't take up any space. I am a voracious reader, and I read fast, so the house isn't big enough for my habit.

I love old books and used bookstores. You never know what gem you might unearth. There used to be a wonderful used bookstore in the Little Switzerland area of North Carolina. I think he moved it into an old Victorian mansion, which is a perfect place for it. I also ran into a great one in Savannah, Georgia.

I also love to sing. I have a little training, and I mostly sing first soprano, but I can sing second as well. I've enjoyed the piano since I was a child, although I haven't always had one to play. One of the fun things I took lessons on in college was a harpsichord.

I used to write stories, but I haven't done that in a long time.


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What are your fun hobbies, Insurance Guy?

Mine are mainly knitting and art. I’m in a knitting phase currently and learning to knit socks. I love nothing better than to settle in my cozy corner of the couch with Dateline playing in the background and needles in hand.

I do hope we get to enjoy these things in eternity. Well, Dateline won’t be there. :D
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My first love is reading, studying and talking about the Bible. My second is horses and horsemanship—riding and working with horses and their people, studying about (reading, observing others), continuously learning, teaching, sharing with like-minded people. My third would be piano—classics and sacred, playing for church. I also love getting my exercise outside working in the yard, and cooking/baking. I love writing, reading, studying, learning, discussing stuff. I also like crosswords and jigsaw puzzles.


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I go camping, cut firewood when camping or at home. I watch my grandson every weekend. I like too go to the stock car races. When October rolls around my wife and daughter go to the dfl conference in Springfield missouri and I go to Lucas oil speedway in wheatland, Missouri. I also try and go for walks. Need too go for walks more often.


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Dan, for many years, you've been working in your career and helping to raise a family, so don't know if you've had much time available for enjoying a hobby. We would also like to hear from you. So glad you started this thread. It's great reading about the interests of others. We consider ourselves family here, so it's fun to get better acquainted with our brothers and sisters at RF.


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Like Jan51, I enjoy Bible study & reading other books about the Bible. One of my favorite topics is hermeneutics. Favorite authors are Christopher Cone, Andy Woods, Arnold Fruchtenbaum, the late Henry Morris, & the late Dave Hunt.
Several years ago I started knitting & one year, I knitted everyone in our family a pair of socks for their birthday. Four of the birthdays are only a month apart, so I knitted day & night before it was time to mail that month's pair of socks. I'll not do that again--whew!
I love hanging up bird feeders in winter & watching God's beautiful little many colored feathered creatures come to visit. Truly so relaxing to have morning coffee with dh & observe the birds so busy at the feeders outside our window.


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I love to run but have cut back exponentially due to knee issues. When I could I traveled a lot and made it a point to run a race; marathon or half marathon in each city. I have run in Chicago, DC , Virginia Beach, Disney, Outer Banks.....etc... We have traveled all over the country and parts of Europe and South America. I’m hoping to go back to Italy again soon because my daughter will be studying in Florence. I also love to cruise. Travel is one of my favorite things to do. I really enjoy working in the yard and oddly find it very peaceful! Through the years I have enjoyed mentoring youth and working in crisis pregnancy ministry. I love to cook and Pinterest is definitely my friend. Lastly, I love to read historical fiction.


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Hey y’all. Global “like” on all these replies! I’ve been taking a bit a of forum break, but figured I’d drop back in here. So glad to see Dan active, and great thread idea.

For you knitters, my wife’s Aunt made us each a pair of knitted socks a couple years ago. They only get worn around the house, but when it gets cold, I love to dig them out and wear them.

My thing is sea kayaking in the Greenland style with a traditional paddle. Kayak rolling and strokes skills. Carving my own paddles and building qajaq has gotten me into as much woodworking as I need for those things. I like to teach and share the skills as they were shared with me. Beyond that, just riding my bike, walking, TaeKwonDo (nothing mystical, assure you) , surf fishing, and I like to make intricate ink drawings, stippling and hatching. Lately, print on demand has caught my attention and trying to get some storefronts going to hopefully generate some recurring revenue streams.


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When my health was good, I loved taking spontaneous weekend trips to the coasts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts with my husband or one or both of my sisters. I also loved to garden and refinish furniture I'd find at second hand shops.

Nowadays I love to read, do any kind of word games and puzzles, make jigsaw puzzles, grow houseplants, watch Food Network. I love to decorate, especially for different holidays and seasons, and I try to keep the backyard birds well-fed. Going out to eat is fun, especially going to breakfast with my sisters. I like to design and sew my own creations.

It's not a hobby, but spending time with God first, then my husband, kids, grandkids, the rest of my family, and all of you here at RF is always my favorite pastime.

What do you like to do, Dan? :hug


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I like to make intricate ink drawings, stippling and hatching. Lately, print on demand has caught my attention and trying to get some storefronts going to hopefully generate some recurring revenue streams.
Pix, I wish you'd post a sample or two of what you've describing here in your post. You seem to have many artistic talents, and I would enjoy seeing some of what you do.