What are your favorite sports movies?


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I'm bummed that baseball is in doubt and the other sports are in some kind of shortened season, etc. but I do find enjoyment in my favorite sports movies. So, I'll show you mine if you show me yours. In no particular order and for various reasons, here are my favorites.

1. The Greatest Game ever Played. True story of one of the early playoffs of golf. Even if you don't play, watch this.
2. Rocky 3 One name...Mr. T
3. A League of Their Own Fictional story of women's war years baseball team. I watch it every time it's on. Lori Petty, oh my.
4. Miracle True story of olympic hockey game, USA/Russia. Do you believe in magic?
5. The World's Fastest Indian True (or as true as possible on TV) story of Burt Munro (Anthony Hopkins) and his Indian motorcycle.
6. Cinderella Man Boxing. The true and real Rocky.
7. Slap Shot Paul Newman and the Hanson Brothers. Minor League hockey. Funny but language, language, language.
8. Chariots of Fire. Olympic track. Inspiring.
9. Bang the Drum Slowly Baseball. Robert DeNiro. Michael Moriarty. Bring tissues.
10. Pride of the Yankees Not Babe, although he's in it. Gary Cooper as Lou Gehrig.
11. Million Dollar Baby Clint Eastwood. Women's boxing? I didn't think I'd like it, yet here it is on my list.
12. Draft Day If you enjoy football, this is insightful and compelling.
13. Major League This is the Caddyshack of baseball. Funny.
14. Caddyshack Rodney Dangerfield and blowing up golf courses. How can you not like this?

Honorable Mention: Remember the Titans (Denzel Washington), Rocky I

So that my list. What's yours? Play ball!!

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Bad News Bears :lol
Escape to Victory
Miracle on Ice
Gabby Douglas Story
The Cutting Edge
Defying Gravity
Athlete A
Any film of a Green Bay Packers game . . . Mud Bowl, Ice Bowl, and first two Super Bowls (not called Super Bowls until Super Bowl III) are classics :smile

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Remember the Time Titans.
Water boy.
Longest Yard.

The reason they are are not because of Sports, I never cared much for Sports, and I live in Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers home town. I like those movies for the heart warming stories.