What Are You Thankful For??


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As Thanksgiving approaches (for the US), I was thinking of things I am grateful for. Of course Salvation is #1 and family #2.

But as I was in the shower the other day, I thought...I am thankful for this warm water and soap to wash my body off. Not everyone has this.

The evils of the world get us side tracked sometimes and we can forget that we in developed countries have a standard of living high above much of the world. ( I am sure some of our members who have served can attest to that).

I will start with being thankful that I live in America and can get medicines that keep me mobile. Also, at the flip of a switch, I can heat or cool my home....and that I have a home.

What are you thankful for???


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I am thankful that Jesus lead me on a path that brought me more self understanding, even before I became a true believer. It helped me appreciate the simple and beautiful things in life that kept me from hurting myself. I am thankful I come from a loving family with little drama. I am thankful I am in a safe place with a mortgage paid off and am in a secure stress free job. I am thankful I have people around me with great senses of humor to help keep me going.


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I am thankful for hot water and running water too. A couple different times in my life I’ve been without. It’s something I don’t take for granted. I’m thankful I can still see. I lost part of my vision years ago. I’m thankful for my wonderful family. Really, too many things to list.


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I’m thankful for Jesus and what He has done so that we can spend eternity with Him.

I’m also thankful for husband, my family and my dogs.

And a warm home, working appliances that make getting things done a lot easier, and good food.

I’m thankful for everyone here at RF because I don’t have anyone in my personal life that likes talking about Bible prophecy.

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I'm thankful for:

Jesus Christ's atoning death, Resurrection, and Ascension, God's infinite Grace and Forgiveness, Salvation, eternal life, and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. That my whole family, including extended and ancestors as far back as I've traced are all saved (or very likely saved, based on what I know about them).

The two awesome churches, Pastors, Vicar, organists, etc. that serve where I worship, study, fellowship, etc. Knowledge, skills, and tools to help keep the congregations and facilities safe. Past religious and secular educational opportunities, in the US and elsewhere. Holy Communion. Sometimes knowing Holy Communion will be there on Sunday for me is the only thing that keeps me going during the week :smile

Freedom to worship, possess Bibles and other religious materials, study the Bible, and talk about the Bible, Jesus as Lord and Savior, etc. with both believers and non-believers, without fear, and generally without limitation, both online and in person. Display Christmas, Easter, etc. decorations inside and outside, generally without fear or limitation.

Parents that made sure I got Baptized, went to church, got confirmed, and had my very own Bible.

Living in the United States, where conditions are comfortable and faith is easy. Resources to give to the Church and Christians/missions in need. Opportunities and means to share my faith. Resources and access to resources to take care of family and me.

RF for pre-trib resources and fellowship :smile


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What a wonderful thread!

I'm thankful to God for who He Is, and for the Lord Jesus Christ, for the salvation He has given me and for eternal life to come. And I hope I get more and more thankful for Him and ALL He has done every day! My bathroom light broke the other day and I've been using a torch until a spare part arrives (its not the bulb) and it made me grateful for electric. Many in Ukraine don't have that right now.

In no particular order I'm grateful for nice food, a warm house, clean water, washing facilities, clean clothes, friends and family, tasty bread, a garden, a nearby country house that I like, nice views, my job, the salvation of my mum, my local railway museum, the woods near the house, and the river, clear star - light skies, music, Christian radio, good quality Christian sermons and messages, and that I can hear them any time with the internet, my car, my neighbours, all the people who have made a real impact in my life.

This season of Thanksgiving, I want to say thank you Lord. :pray


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I’m thankful for the Lord opening my eyes and ears and showing me how utterly dependent I am on Him, not only for Salvation, but for daily living.

I’m thankful for my husband Dave, my kids and grandkids, my forever RF family, and my dogs.

I’m thankful for all of life’s conveniences, including all the things that make living easier for me.

I’m thankful for every material thing we own and the job that Dave has that pays for them. I’m thankful we’re able to give.

I’m thankful for the abundance of food and everyday items that are mostly back on the store shelves and our ability to pay for them, along with paying our other bills as they climb higher.

I’m thankful for living in a small town, where it’s mostly still safe and people are friendly.

I’m thankful we’ll hear the Lord say, “Come up here!,” hopefully before too much longer!