What are y'all having for supper?


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George is fixing some steaks on the bbq tonight, I think we will have a side of cucumber sticks. I want to do a clean out the freezer part of our fridge for the next couple of weeks, just eat what we have on hand, save up and start fresh again with restocking the fridge freezer. Always a sticker shock, but if we coast along on the freezer contents and save the budget, it will work.


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I decided I wanted stuffed pepper soup, but didn't have any hamburger. So I found a vegetarian recipe and made it. It was okay, but only because the mashed potatoes I topped it with were very tasty. I don't know if it's because I now have old tastebuds or what, but most stuff I eat doesn't taste as good as it used to.

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I don't know if it's because I now have old tastebuds or what, but most stuff I eat doesn't taste as good as it used to.

Might be due to GMOs and/or chemical treatments :frown
Or excessive hybridization (pest resistance, yields, etc.) that took the taste out of some things :frown
Or grain-fed vs grass-fed beef, chickens raised in giant buildings vs outdoors, etc. :frown
Or greenhouse-grown vs being grown outside in the fresh air, sunlight, etc. :frown

No different than hybridized flowers that have no or virtually no smell :frown

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I'm gonna try my hand at Salsbury steak tonight, I've never prepared that. Just another way to serve hamburger meat... Hope to grab some corn on the cob too... hope my wife doesn't get tired of corn on the cob... it's inexpensive here compared to Alaska and I could eat it every day...


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I will have some leftover chicken breast with iceberg lettuce and honey mustard dressing. I am going to give my husband some bbq pulled pork with mashed potatoes and salad, and my daughter will have some type of noodles. Honestly, I feel like a restaurant with everybody wanting different meals every day.


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Chicken fettuccine and garlic bread.
Oh yum! I haven't had chicken fettuccine in ages! I will have to look up a dairy-free recipe for alfredo sauce. Though I could probably get a similar effect with mushroom soup.

The inlaws left a freezer-full of food after their visit so I am going to poke around and see what I can scrounge up for dinner. I think they left some yucca and I absolutely love that stuff. When properly boiled it leaves regular potatoes in the dust. But finding the good, quality ones is rough. The ones in the grocery store never turn out right so you have to go to South American food stories. Thankfully, I still live in an area that has a relatively large Mennonite population that came up from that direction so there are several stores in the the nearby town. My family never did yucca so I wasn't introduced until I married my husband's family. They came from the Paraguayan colonies so I guess there is some differences from the Brazil families who integrated more into the rest of Brazilian society. My family grew up on beans and rice. However, my husband's family calls in minyucca. I can't find a proper spelling for it so I guess it's some low-German garbley-goo word that they made up like the rest of their language. (or it could be "mein yucca" like 'my yucca' that just morphed together. My husband's extended family is the only one who calls it that...)

Can't forget I'm in the food thread so I guess I will do some sausages and veggies with it. We'll see.