What are y'all having for supper?

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The other reason it's so high is because of the brand-- it's from a local organic-type farm.

That would explain it. I need to look in to how much it would cost me for a processed and packaged side of beef around here. I'm so particular to certain cuts though, so that might not be the best idea. When I was a young man and didn't know any better, I thought the porterhouse was the cat's meow. Now I'm strictly a ribeye man. Even on the rare occasion when I have filet Mignon I would prefer a ribeye. Reckon I'd love some ribs too... and I guess I can turn any of it into hamburger for my favorite meal.


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@Carl, when you tease us with a Banquet dinner our enquiring minds would like to know what's in the banquet dinner you choose!
I know it is called a Banquet tv dinner, and are you watching tv while eating your tv dinner? I know about the Banquet tv dinners, I eat chicken pot pies, Jeff and I eat chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes, and corn.
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Made a phone call and a different WF had grass-fed steaks in abundance :hyper


sooooo . . .

Grass-fed strip steaks on the charc, croissants with organic, grass-fed butter, optional salad, roasted organic peppers and onions, sauteed organic 'SHOOMS, and organic strawberries with optional ice cream.

:thankyou JESUS!!! :thankyou

Ghoti Ichthus

Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20
Do a lot of those fish have three eyes?

Only if you count the black spots, black blotches, toxin contamination of flesh and organs, miscarriages, damaged eggs, reduced reproduction, etc.

The Gulf never fully recovered from the DeepWater Horizon disaster, and at least some of the fish reflect this. The Gulf was already pretty polluted and being warm water made it worse.

When the disaster happened, I immediately switched all my animals to fish-free food. Later, I bought Canadian dog food that contained fish from Canada/Arctic waters. However, the company now has a plant in the US and it uses fish from sources I don't trust. So no more pet food with any kind of fish :frown Plus, there were reported issues with cardiomyopathy in dogs eating grain-free food, so yet another reason to switch [sigh]