What About those Who’ve Never Heard the Gospel?


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I expect the mentally incompetent to be taken in the Rapture, along with those too young to make the Jesus decision and unborn babies.
Even though they were not capable of deciding to accept Jesus, there will be another opportunity after a 1,000 years.
As wonderful a thought that this is, but I cannot see it happening like that as I don't belive God will rip a baby from any womans womb ...... from my perspective it is "only" the sealed with the Holy Spirit that are caught up in the rapture, but God is a loving God and all things are a possible I guess, personally I tend to think that the incompetent and the young will die during the tribulation and then go to heaven for final judgement just as all those babies who went through the flood of Noah and died but they will be considered sheep and not as goats so will enter heaven and Jesus presence...... no chances after a 1000 years