Weird Bird and Bee Thing....Is this normal????

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I wish I could post a video because this is really hard to describe. A bird hit our kitchen window this morning. We all heard him hit as it was a pretty loud thud. We didn't realize he had died till hours later when we found him on the back patio. An hour after that--as we were discussing who was going to dispose of the poor thing--we looked out again and it was literally CRAWLING with bees of some kind. Flying, buzzing, bees that were EATING it. The poor bird's flesh was opened up and where you might find maggots in another circumstance there were bees....50 of them at least--maybe more. The bird looked like it was moving from all the bees. I've ever seen anything like it. Shortly after discovering THAT nasty scene, we looked out again and it was GONE. The whole thing just disappeared. There were still a few bees lingering, but we think a coyote or some other animal came and snagged it off the porch. I am pretty grossed out and don't want to go out and look for it because I don't want to find it. I'd rather just move. hahaha

I know there is a scripture somewhere that talks about odd animal behaviors at the end times, and I know I've seen an article or two about weird insect things, but I did a few searches and can't find any reference. With everything going on in the world and in my own life, this shouldn't surprise me but I am so curious if this is normal? Do any of you know anything about this? Or can you point me to the scripture reference that talks about animals/insects? I'm thinking it is way later in the tribulation, but I am curious.

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Nevermind. I found some articles. It's a thing. It's DISGUSTING but normal. It's some kind of wasp. Apparently they eat meat. Who knew? :shrug

I guess having recently experienced the red tide in St. Petersburg for the first time (the dead fish were enough to make atones stomach turn) , my mind in on high alert. Kinda like after I watched The Birds in junior high. HAHA

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It's some kind of wasp.

I was gonna ask if they were bees or wasps. Wasps are meat eaters. I've never personally seen what you described though. We have two bird hitting windows seasons, one in the spring and one in the fall, and I think both seasons fall just outside of the wasp life span in the area, so maybe that's why I haven't seen what you describe.


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Flying, buzzing, bees that were EATING it.

When I was a kid, I found a dead snake in the yard. It was pretty fresh and still pliable so I carried it up in my treehouse to examine it. Left it up there and when I came back the next day, a bunch of yellowjackets were all over it feasting like you said. I had to climb down and didn't go up there again for a while, and when I didn't see any more bees, I poked my head up in there and the snake was mostly gone. There were ants tho.