We can reduce gang warfare in big cities-


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The answer can be found in West Side Story. There were gangs (Jets and Sharks) but they spent most of their energy in choreographed dancing and singing. Violence is largely avoided except for a couple of murders.
If police must be defunded, ballet instruction is the most innovative way to reallocate funds. Our youth will be inspired to become Olympic gymnasts, ice dancers, and police taunters.
When I saw the movie in high school, every guy wanted a lavender shirt like Bernardo's. All the girls wanted to dance like Rita Moreno.
Look what ballet did for Billy Elliot!
Quality gang members are in short supply. This can be demonstrated by their stolen items:

Pepto Bismol
Blood pressure medication
Emergency alert medallions/bracelets

And where is the patriotism?
"I want to be in America
Everything fine in America
OK by me in America!"
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:lol Funny, brother!

But there's another story that offers us direction in the way to solve the problem. Yes, the Bible; but I am thinking of a story that was guided by the Bible. It is The Cross and The Switchblade where a small town pastor answered the call of the Holy Spirit and went to New York to preach the gospel to the gangs. Many were saved, gang warfare was largely stopped, Teen Challenge was started and NYC's vile Times Square was cleaned up and Times Square Church --now 14,000 strong and preaching to 190 countries-- was founded.

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There's a guy who use to be a "Capitano" (i think that's the terminology) in Colombo Mafia family called Michael Franzese who was ranked at number 18 0r 19 in a NY time's 50 most dangerous mafia people.

Anyway he said that when he went to prison and was put in the hole, he was really suffering and going crazy,the prison guard slipped a bible under the door and advised him to read it, he swore at the guard and said God couldn't help him.

Eventually due to the torture he was suffering mentally of being in the hole he contemplated actually reading the bible and said to God if you are real, prove it to me,Michael then goes on to say that he is a very analytical guy and carried this mindset in most of his business and mafia dealings so he wanted to weigh up the facts before he made any acknowledgement or commitment to GOD.

He then states that he opened up the bible to a random page and was led to proverbs, he said he was astounded by the wisdom of and was immediately enthralled with the bible, he read the Gospels and was convinced that God was real.

After reading the bible just to make sure , he asked for copies of the koran and other religious books and after reading those he said , "Jesus i'm more than convinced that you are who you say you are and to save him.

Now that he is released from prison, he does a prison ministry to the youth and also gang members it' quite an amazing testimony.

The book title he released which was quite clever of his testimony of faith is "From Godfather to Gd the Father"