"We are seeing ROSH positioning himself?"


Purry, roary, one.
My answer to the question are we seeing Rosh positioning himself?

Yes. But we've been seeing that form as Iran and Russia and Turkey all position themselves in Syria. The area of the Ukraine is part of the Magog territory and the Ukrainian forces will perhaps enfold back into Russian control and therefore may well be included as an invader of Israel in the invasion of Ezek 38.

Could be fast, could also take a few years depending on God's timing of events.

@Círeth so good to see you again. I sort of think that Russia is getting a crash course in modern warfare with this invasion, and I agree, after that they may turn their eyes to Israel.
some indications already. Their foreign minister Lavrov has said Russia doesn't agree with the Golan Heights being in possession of Israel. More on that in other threads but their stance to Israel is cooling off.
Very interesting. I think the countries around Israel need to attack, and get steamrollered by Yahweh first, but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw that happen, and then Gog and Magog within the next two years.

Although I know the rapture could happen at any moment I'm strongly of the opinion that Gog and Magog will happen first as a final wake up call to the world. I could be wrong but I know our Father wants to give everyone a chance to repent before he calls time on the Age of Grace and takes us home.