Watch: Mass terror convoy in Tel Aviv


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Watch: Mass terror convoy in Tel Aviv

Arab citizens in coastal suburb of Yafo launch huge car convoy with flags of pro-terror Islamic Movement, praising 'martyrs.'

A video making the rounds online Saturday night shows how Arab citizens of Israel living in Yafo, the mixed Arab and Jewish coastal suburb just south of Tel Aviv, earlier in the day held a massive car convoy waving the flags of a radical pro-terror movement.

In the convoy, which can be seen by clicking the image below, cars, motorbikes and bicycles can be seen bearing green flags, reminiscent of those of Hamas but said to be instead of the radical Islamic Movement in Israel, which the government is working to outlaw due to its open incitement to terror.
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:groan those fools :groan

when they go up to Tel-Aviv its about the real last line folks

:horn pray for Israel leaders

Its certain one match fired ignited all the others and it gets hot to quick it will not be so easy quenched this time as the global idiots thinks :twitch


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Saw it, hmm, I think this is shaping up for a biggish storm of terrorist attacks, which are already escalating into an intolerable condition for poor Israeli's who never know when or where the religion of peace will strike and try to kill them.