Watch: IAF combined exercise of Iron Dome and Patriot

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    Yesterday (Tuesday), a combined exercise of the Iron Dome and Yahalom (Patriot) Aerial Defense Systems was completed. The IAF's Aerial Defense combat soldiers completed an exercise in which they successfully intercepted targets at different altitudes and ranges.

    The exercise took place in a base located in central Israel and included different scenarios with the purpose of evaluating the proficiency of the combat soldiers and technicians from the IAF Aerial Defense Array and its systems. The exercise was held as part of the annual training program.

    In addition, two foreign military delegations visited the exercise. The delegations visited in order to observe the exercise and to learn from its results. The foreign delegations will also participate in a panel discussion about various professional subjects and a dialogue about further developing the cooperation between the militaries.

    The IAF successfully concluded a series of exercises and tests that took place in order to evaluate operational readiness and alertness to continue to maintain the necessary defense of Israel's skies.

    The Aerial Defense Array is the unit responsible for protecting Israeli air space using ground forces alongside IAF aircraft.

    The array is the last line of defense against aerial threats such as aircrafts and the first line of defense against aerial threats including surface-to-surface missiles, ballistic missiles and rockets.
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    Sounds like a good development. :thumbup
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