Warning the Witnesses


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As a former JW for most of my childhood life I can tell you they are so far from Christian its not even funny.

They do not believe in the Tri-une Godhead and have altered their Bible to reflect purely Arian views of Christ which erases all evidence of his divinity.
They believe Jesus Christ is not God in the flesh but a creation that God (The Father) created to create everything else. Thus he is not the eternal Son.
They believe Jesus died on a "torture stake" not a cross, and do not believe he rose from the grave with his body (They believe he rose as a spirit only so this here absolutely excludes them from the biblical Gospel)
They do not believe in a physical second coming of Jesus.
They believe he came back invisibly in 1914 to reign in heaven and will save all Jehovah's Witnesses during Armageddon invisibly.
They believe only 144,000 "Anointed" Jehovah's Witnesses will go to heaven and the rest are the "Great Crowd" who will survive Armageddon and get to clean up the earth to live happily ever after forever.
They believe in a second chance for non-JW's and they will be resurrected or rather reanimated (Soul Sleep) during the millennial reign of Christ.
Only the original 144,000 (who keep getting replaced/rejected) are the only ones worthy to take the cup and the wine at communion, which they call the Lord's evening meal and the rest of the JW's simply pass the bread and the wine.
They do not believe in hell.
They believe that you must sacrifice for Jehovah in order to continue in salvation and "spiritual health" by knocking on door's, quitting forms of higher education to give more time for service to Jehovah, "pioneering" for 70+hrs per month. Meeting or exceeding a number of placed tracts, watchtowers, and return visits (They use James famous faith without works line to justify all this here)
When you are guilty of a sin you are shunned and ex-communicated from the religion, which includes family and friends Even if you're dying they will not answer your call. (This is Jehovah's way of disciplining you) Until the Elders determine you're sorry enough. Then you can join in on meetings but have to sit as far back as possible as not to fellowship with anyone... then after some time passes a judicial committee of elders will re-instate you if you've been good enough.

Thats all I can think of at the moment.
Why are ther no windows in the JW hall? I’ve always wondered about that.


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Very interesting thread. I agree, we need to pray for them. Whenever I see them around, I always pray for JWs to be saved. It just seems so wrong that people can totally miss salvation through a wrong version of Christianity (it is not a version of Christianity, but it is Bible based). It amazes me how satan can deceive people by taking them so close to the truth, as he has done through the centuries. It is one thing never to have heard the name of Christ, but quite another to miss him while knowing all about him.

So I clarified, you believe that Jesus was not a created being? Not an angel? but is God Himself? Yes! he said with a big smile. I was not convinced but I didn't say any more or act like I was also excited that we "believed the same thing."
Yes, I have noticed too how much they 'agree' with us on. It is strange. I have sometimes prayerfully taken a similar approach with JWs and have perceived that they have been inwardly confused that mainstream churches sometimes have similar beliefs to them (because they are told ONLY they have the truth). I have said while I disagree with those in the church who agree with them, they are not alone in many of their beliefs. I always follow that up by telling them that I believe that Jesus is Jehovah God. I have also asked them when the JWs began and pointed out that prior to that there are good Christian teachings that refer to God as Jehovah, and asked if they would like to read older non-JW books, but they always decline! I just hope it gets them thinking!


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Absolutely EXCELLENT!!! ALL Christians can do this. There is no need for debate or argument with a JW. Just do what is contained in this one short paragraph.
A JW lady sent a letter to the pastor where I work part time. Wanting to know if she could send the Watchtower magazine.

JW's are a very messed up people. I just don't understand how they become deceived into that mess so as to believe it hook, line and sinker.


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A few months ago I received a letter from a JW... He said he was unable to get into my building so he sent the letter, even included a Watchtower type track, well, I prayed about it and wrote a letter back to him saying that I'd read his letter and hoped he would be open enough to read mine.. I kept it short, telling him I was sorry that he'd been deceived by a cult and if he would read God's Word he would see that Jesus Is God and is the only way to heaven..I've not heard from him since, but I pray he will read God's Word and find salvation.