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Mine is black leather and it is old, maybe 20 years or more, got it at Walgreens , not a brand name on it anywhere, the interior stitching is giving way in a few places but still has quite a bit of mileage left and it is always in my front left pocket, can't stand a wallet in the back pocket as it flairs up sciatica issues while driving/seated. If I get a new wallet it will be the RFID type.

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Surfer's wallet. Got it at REI $10. Outside window, zip closure, and another compartment that zips on the bottom.
I don't think it's got RFID protection, but I keep my cc between the DL in the RFID envelope and the retired LEO badge in the separate compartment. Evidently this works because if my car key ends up behind the wallet, the car and car key don't communicate and the door won't unlock and open [sigh]

If you want a larger wallet, the leather Harley Davidson wallets with the tether (chain) last *forever*


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I bought a somewhat expensive leather wallet, a Fossil brand from a Fossil store in 2013 for about $65. It is still going strong. What I really like is it is a wallet that can be zippered shut. This kind of wallet, for some reason, is hard to find unless you order it online. But I love the security of being able to zip the wallet closed and not fear loosing any CC's, DL, or cash, etc. I also always keep my wallet in my left front pocket and never in a rear pocket. This way I am not sitting on it which adds to the longevity of it, and there is less chance of it slipping out or having my pockets picked.