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Looking to get a new one, mine's getting rather worn out. Anyone know of some good-quality brands?


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I use a leather "Marshal" wallet which I got on Amazon. I can't see it on there anymore though. I can't even see it on the Marshal site.

It is not one of those bi-fold wallets, it's the longer coat pocket wallet. I can't carry a wallet in my back pocket anymore. My butt goes numb.

It has a zipper on it to close it all up so that I don't have to worry about cards falling out.

It also has supposed RFID protection.

Lots of room for cards and money and a slot for a pen.

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I need a wallet with a lot of slots for credit cards and Identification cards. The last one I purchased was from Amazon. The brand is Bull Captain. It seems to be well made. It's the fattest wallet I've ever had, which isn't a big deal because I've always kept it in my right front pocket. It's got slots for16 cards and I'm pretty much using them all. There are some fake Bull Captain knockoffs that may or may not be as good. In the past I just bought a wallet from one of the local stores. This is the first time I purchased one online.

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I have a custom made wallet. The outer layer is made from Beaver tail leather and the inside is made from an exotic leather like ostrich. The outside is brown and the inside is black.

My son bought it for me. I’ve been using it several years now and it is tough. I’ve had quit a few compliments on it.

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Whoa! Just went on their website and the cheapest they advertise is $75.

For $75 that thing better pay the bills for all the credit cards it's holding!

That's for the inexpensive version. There are some similar type wallets for way, way less on amazon, that look like they'd probably be as good.


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I did manage to find a good wallet, a Levi's brand that has rfid protection as well. There were a few others I saw at JCPenny but they looked like they wouldn't last as long.


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I don't have a recommendation, but I've carried this ol' alligator skin wallet since I was 7.

Mine is beaten-up leather trifold with cowboy gear and a steer skull on the front. The outer folds of the wallet are stained many shades darker than the original color.

I think I got mine around the same age you got yours for something like 10 dollars at Walmart