Utter Nonsense


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I received an email from my oldest son asking me how my day went and was I ready for the weekend.
I replied and said I am ready for the weekend. I had an icky week.
Spellcheck caught the work "icky".
I don't know if there are different versions, but curious as how to spell "icky" I clicked on it. One of my choices was the "f" word!
I mean really. THat is just too much. Why on earth would that even need to be there.
I have not been so disgusted since the thread on kiddie porn.
Do we really need to be exposed to garbage at all turns?


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There is no question, Patiently, the world at large is becoming more vulgar and violent by the hour. Extremism in many forms is increasingly the norm as the times grow ever darker. All the more reason to closely examine how much we ourselves resemble Jesus Christ, so that we do not resemble anything or anyone less... This horrific world badly needs us to stand our ground and uphold everything clean and Holy!!!


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I know what you mean....I was loooking online for a Mother's Day gift and one option was a statue of an 'f' in front of an old time bomb with a fuse....and you just know peoople buy that crap...that's why they sell it. :thumbdown

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Tetelestai !!

Sorry, ^ that was Udder Nonsense. :hehheh
(I'm always amazed at what can be found on You Tube, but then again, I took the time to post it here :doh: )

I agree with the others, this world is a mess. It's crazy that spell check brought up the F word.