US ‘strongly condemns’ settler assault on Palestinians in South Hebron Hills


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US ‘strongly condemns’ settler assault on Palestinians in South Hebron Hills
State Department official expresses appreciation for ‘unequivocal condemnations’ by foreign minister, other Israeli officials, urges both sides to refrain from unilateral steps
By Jacob Magid

The State Department on Thursday spoke out against a violent attack by Israeli settlers on a Palestinian village in the West Bank earlier this week. “The US government strongly condemns the acts of settler violence that took place against Palestinians in villages near Hebron in the West Bank on September 28,” a State Department official said in a statement distributed to journalists who requested comment on the matter.

“We appreciate the Foreign Minister [Yair Lapid’s] and other officials’ strong and unequivocal condemnations of this violence,” the official said. On Tuesday afternoon, dozens of masked Israelis threw stones at Palestinians in the South Hebron Hills. The rocks smashed cars and injured at least 12 Palestinians, including a three-year-old. In videos from the scene, Israeli settlers can be seen breaking Palestinian car windows and hurling stones at Palestinian homes. The confrontations took place near the small Palestinian shepherding village of al-Mufaqara, a cluster of homes that straddles two illegal Israeli West Bank outposts, Avigayil and Havat Maon.



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The Jewish people are getting tired of putting up with all the BS from the Palestinians for so long, they are starting to fight back.


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The two-state solution being pushed down the throats of Israelis. And Briben and his handlers are pushing all the way. It’s getting harder hour by hour to not sin and obey the Lord by praying and given unto Caesar. Lord Jesus, how much longer?