US slaps new Hezbollah-related sanctions


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US slaps new Hezbollah-related sanctions
US Treasury targets Lebanese businessman and Hezbollah's financial facilitator with new sanctions.
Israel National News

The US Treasury Department has issued new Hezbollah-related sanctions, designating Lebanese businessman and the Iran-backed group's financial facilitator, Ahmad Jalal Reda Abdallah, and his companies, Reuters reported. The sanctions, announced on Thursday, targeted Abdallah, five of his associates and eight of his companies in Lebanon and Iraq. They were all added to the sanctions list of the US Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control, the department said.

Abdallah is a Hezbollah official and an active member of its global financial network, according to the Treasury. He has supported Hezbollah for decades, carrying out commercial activities in various countries where the profits are transferred to the Iran-backed group, the department said. The United States said Abdallah used his senior employees and relatives to establish new businesses throughout the Middle East on behalf of Hezbollah.