US slammed for building 22-member bloc against UNHRC probe on Israel


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US slammed for building 22-member bloc against UNHRC probe on Israel
"The US should not be a member of this Council and we call on the UN General Assembly to suspend its membership," PLO Ambassador Khraishi said.
Published: JUNE 14, 2022

UN Human Rights Council investigators slammed the United States for building a 22-member bloc to reject their Commission of Inquiry (COI) against Israel over issues of bias. "The US issuing a joint statement against a mechanism that has been adopted by the UNHRC shows great disrespect for the functioning of the HRC," said Miloon Kothari of India, who is one of the three COI investigators.

"It does not bode well for the credibility of the United States. They are going ahead further and getting as many signatures as possible for their statement. We do not accept that. We hope that all HRC members repeat the sanctity of the body and of the UN," he told reporters in Geneva on Tuesday. Navi Pillay, who heads the COI on Israel, echoed that same sentiment when she addressed the UNHRC on Tuesday.

When it comes to Israel "some countries are not prepared to live up to their stated commitment to protect human rights," Pillay charged. The Palestinians called for the United States to be ousted from the UNHRC when their envoy took the floor Monday at the UNHRC at the opening of the 50th UNHRC session during a debate on the COI that continued into Tuesday morning.