US says it shot down object over Alaska, size of small car


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I saw 4 former Trump security team members including John Bolton, no Trump fan, unequivocally state that no balloons were flying around during his administration.
I believe it was a lame attempt to make this admin look better.
Yes, exactly. That would explain why no country is taking responsibility for it. This was thrown up for us to shoot down in order to get the attention off of why they didn't shoot the balloon down.


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Why they couldn't have done it with that first balloon I'll never understand.

The balloons were a test run in my opinion to see how America responds (or doesn't) to a possible airborne threat.

They are planning for Taiwan after the midterms IF Biden is "reelected". If Obama etc gets someone else in place the Chinese will delay a bit in order to test the new administration's responses before committing to an actual invasion. Xi is having economic trouble right now and he isn't going to risk everything on a gamble.

China is taking a peek at other countries around the world at the same time. No doubt seeing how Europe and South America react.

These things would make for a great EMP attack according to one person I was watching recently on this subject.

I've seen no credible proof for Biden's administration's claims that Trump had balloons floating around during his administration.

A weak administration invites China and Russia to do things they otherwise wouldn't dare.
It was likely by the grace of God that this wasn't an EMP attack. Most Americans don't realize just how bad the balloon incident could have been.


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Just like a big fish story, "you should have seen it !, but it slipped off and got away" pics or it didn't happen!