US ready to lift nearly all sanctions on Iran, Zarif says


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US ready to lift nearly all sanctions on Iran, Zarif says
Iranian FM tells parliament the US is on the verge of lifting all sanctions on the rogue state.
Arutz Sheva Staff , Jul 16 , 2021
Mohammad Javad Zarif.

This week, the Biden administration, which continues to pursue a new nuclear deal with Iran, announced that US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had signed a document that would allow Iran to use frozen assets to pay debts to South Korea and Japan. "To be clear: The waiver does not allow for the transfer of any funds to Iran," a State Department spokesperson said Wednesday. However, it appears that this step is part of a much broader gesture that the US plans to make to Iran in the near future, Israel Hayom reported Friday.



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Completely moronic and yet again, attempting to stab Israel in the back. What could possibly be the motive for the US to want to do this? Cheap fuel? We had that under Trump via the Keystone pipeline and our own refineries. But of course the illegitimate regime of Biden put a stop to that and we can see where gas prices are today. Not to mention the loss of jobs involved in shutting off the pipeline.

This will only force Israel's hand to protect themselves. Utterly absurd that we are helping Iran achieve their goals.


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Want to impress your friends by predicting Biden administration decisions? Just think of the stupidest, most self-defeating decision you can. Then tell it to your friends. If they doubt your vision, tell them "You're right. It will be much worse."