US places new sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses


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US places new sanctions on Iran for human rights abuses
Sanctions come as renewed talks on Iran's nuclear program make no progress.
Dan Verbin

The United States has hit Iran with new sanctions for human rights abuses. The sanctions, targeting a dozen Iranian officials and government entities for violations of human rights, were announced after nuclear talks with Tehran broken down as no progress was made, AFP reported. The US Treasury and State Department announced that the Iranian officials and entities targeted were responsible for abusing political activists and protestors, and for jailing them in prisons under inhumane conditions. The Treasury added several Syrian officials to the sanctions list, saying they were involved in politically-motivated human rights abuses and chemical gas attacks.


Lovin Jesus

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Somehow I can't imagine what sanctions Biden administration could have placed on Iran that could even make a dent into the regime in comparison to the crippling sanctions Trump put on it that made a significant impact on it so the people of Iran were protesting against their own government blaming it for the sanctions hurting their economy.