US House panel approves bill giving Biden power to ban TikTok


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US House panel approves bill giving Biden power to ban TikTok
The bill could prevent anyone in the United States from accessing or downloading the app on their phones.

The US House Foreign Affairs Committee voted on Wednesday along party lines to give President Joe Biden the power to ban Chinese-owned TikTok, in what would be the most far-reaching US restriction on any social media app. Lawmakers voted 24 to 16 to approve the measure to grant the administration new powers to ban the ByteDance-owned app - which is used by over 100 million Americans - as well as other apps considered security risks.

"TikTok is a national security threat ... It is time to act," said Representative Michael McCaul, the Republican chair of the committee who sponsored the bill. "Anyone with TikTok downloaded on their device has given the CCP (Communist Party of China) a backdoor to all their personal information. It’s a spy balloon into their phone."



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I love how the government is just now figuring out that TikTok is a threat after a third of the country is already using it. And just so we’re clear: a wide open border that lets in drugs, guns, diseases, criminals, and terrorists isn’t a threat worthy of action but a social media app is worthy.


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Oh I'd LOVE to see this one play out. I wonder when the Dems figure out that they'd be banning their voter base's favourite trendy activity. The blow back might REALLY bite! :lol

Think about it. The Dems rely on youthful voters without the life experience to understand why Leftist policy always results in poverty, and lack of jobs. Or functionally illiterate illegal migrants and population groups that persist in voting the way their grandparents did without thinking.

The youthful semi literate (short attention span) adolescents and young adults LOVE Tik Tok!!!

People whose attention span and literacy is limited to the few seconds of a Tik Tok post. They are more likely to vote Dem.

Most people who vote conservatively (Republicans) are older, have experiences running business especially surviving the attacks of the Dems or they lived long enough to realize that jobs aren't created when the govt decides to create them out of thin air.

They are literate, and they take time to think and consider. They may enjoy a bit of Tik Tok here and there, but they aren't the juvenile short attention span functional illiterates that make up the Democratic voter base.

Ok I've probably offended a bunch of people and I should quit now and don my flame proof outfit. :lol

But demographics would definitely bite as this would seriously anger a large chunk of the Dems voter base

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I hope the bill limits the banning to just tik tok... If this is an open door to banning stuff, I could see it being used for evil quite quickly and readily. The things I'm hearing about tik tok though, is exactly what our own govmint has been doing through social media apps and lamestream media... Is the US govmint jealous of China doing the same thing that they're doing in our country?


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If it wasn’t for double standards there wouldn’t be any standards.
The Democrats are all about for thee but not for me. They are all about being double standard hypocrites. They were framing Trump for things he didn't do such as the Russian Collusion Delusion. Then they raided his home, but did not do the same to Biden, Clinton, or any other President. Hillary got a free pass on all the illegal stuff she did with emails, and bleached the hard drive. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.