US emboldening crackdown on activists, Palestinian writer tells Post


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US emboldening crackdown on activists, Palestinian writer tells Post
A number of activists told the ‘Post’ on Saturday that the US is emboldening the Palestinian Authority's crackdown on political protestors by ignoring human rights violations
JUNE 26, 2021

The death of Nizar Banat, who was allegedly beaten to death by Palestinian security officers last Thursday, has left several Palestinian political activists worried for their life. Some activists who are critical of the Palestinian Authority said on Saturday they have received threats because of their views. The activists blamed the US, European Union and other international parties of turning a blind eye to human rights violations and corruption by the PA, including the crackdown on dozens of critics and political opponents in the West Bank in the past few weeks.

“It’s interesting and disturbing that the Palestinian Authority’s unprecedented crackdown began immediately after US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Ramallah last month,” said Palestinian writer and political analyst Nadia Harhash. “Blinken was quoted as saying that the new US administration wants to empower the Palestinian Authority. If empowerment means arresting and killing political activists, then the US is definitely complicit in the crimes of the Palestinian security forces.”