US 'deeply concerned' by Israeli plans to advance 3,144 settler homes


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US 'deeply concerned' by Israeli plans to advance 3,144 settler homes
Then council is expected to give final approval to plans for 1,800 settler homes, and to allow for the remainder of the plans to be deposited, a move allows for it to advance for final approval.
OCTOBER 26, 2021

The US is “deeply concerned” about Israel’s intention to advance plans for 3,144 settler homes on Wednesday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters in Washington as he issued his strongest statement to date on the matter. “We strongly oppose the expansion of settlements which is completely inconsistent with efforts to lower tensions and ensure calm and it damages the prospects for a two-state solution,” he said. He took issue in specific with the Civil Administration’s plan to legalize two outposts when the Higher Planning Council for Judea and Samaria convenes on Wednesday for the first time of US President Joe Biden’s term.

“Plans for the retroactive legalization of illegal outposts is unacceptable. We continue to raise our views on this issue directly with senior Israel officials in our private discussions,” Price said. He added that the talks were taking place at very senior levels. In Jerusalem, the US relayed its strong opposition to Wednesday’s planning council meeting.