US condemns Iran's crackdown on protesters


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US condemns Iran's crackdown on protesters
State Department spokesperson: The Iranian people have a right to voice their frustrations and hold their government accountable.
Elad Benari , Jul 29 , 2021

The United States on Wednesday condemned the Iranian regime’s crackdown on protesters demonstrating following the water shortage in the country. Khuzestan, Iran's main oil-producing region and the wealthiest of the country's 31 provinces, has been gripped by drought since March, with protests erupting in several towns and cities since July 15. Footage from the protests has shown Iranian police opening fire at the demonstrators.

“Protests in Iran that began with a water shortage — owing to drought and governmental mismanagement and neglect — in the Khuzestan province have now spread across various cities including Tehran, Karaj and Tabriz. The Iranian people are now putting a spotlight not only on their unmet needs, but also their unfulfilled aspirations for respect for human rights — rights to which individuals the world over are entitled,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price in a statement.

“The Iranian people have a right to voice their frustrations and hold their government accountable, but we have seen disturbing reports that security forces fired on protesters, resulting in multiple deaths. We condemn the use of violence against peaceful protestors. We support the rights of Iranians to peacefully assemble and express themselves, without fear of violence and detention by security forces. We are also monitoring reports of internet slowdowns in the region,” he added.



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Absent real intelligence and true power in the White House this act is meaningless. The bad actors know it's only the mewling of a paper tiger.