US ambassador to UN visits Gaza, Lebanon borders


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US ambassador to UN visits Gaza, Lebanon borders
Erdan said he thinks that next time the US ambassador has to speak about Israel in the UN Security Council, she will surely remember this trip.
Published: NOVEMBER 16, 2021

US Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield visited Israel’s borders with Gaza and Lebanon on Tuesday. The tour was led by IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Herzy Halevy, and Ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan accompanied her. Erdan said the tour was “an important milestone in the strategic cooperation between Israel and the US.

“The ambassador and I work together to stop initiatives against Israel in the Security Council, and today she learned in depth the security picture in the region,” he stated. “In the North and South, the ambassador saw the many threats we deal with and the terror organizations that are right over the border, as extensions of Iran.”

Thomas-Greenfield saw Iron Dome missile-defense batteries that Erdan said are “an inseparable part of our security alliance, which protects the citizens of Israel and will soon also protect the lives of American soldiers in war zones in the world.”