Unspoken Prayer Request for the CIA


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I can only share the nature of this request with the trusted members of this site because of national security reasons.
First a salute to the FBI agents who shot an armed trespasser on the CIA grounds yesterday. If you're wondering why CIA agents didn't shoot him, it's because the CIA has no jurisdiction in law enforcement in the United States.
Many of you have already seen the Woke invitation on TV to apply for employment at the CIA. (Please do not snicker or otherwise make fun of this serious issue).
The lady is walking gracefully in a darkened room, confidently describing herself as intersectional and cisgender, thereby identifying as Woke by trying to impress with elite verbiage. She also reveals that she has generalized anxiety disorder.
The CIA is the toughest civil service job to get. Agents are trained in krav maga, jeet kune do, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and feng shui. NOTE: If you did not recognize that feng shui is not a martial art, or if you say "nucular", you may not read beyond this point.

There is no doubt that international espionage agents experience mild to moderate anxiety while fighting hand to hand, but I cannot envision James Bond announcing that he must take his Xanax before commencing mortal combat.
So what is my prayer request? In the interests of national security, I can't tell you. But I will reveal this little known secret of improvised weaponry: Holding a liquor bottle by its neck and breaking it to create a multi-pronged knife will require several stitches for your hand.


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I cannot envision James Bond announcing that he must take his Xanax before commencing mortal combat.
:pound:poundThat is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

I do know that you have a serious request and am not taking your concern lightly. I’ll handle as an unspoken request from Footsteps and lay it at the foot of the cross. Bless U for bringing this to our attention.

The only thing I know about the stealthy, covert stuff and that is based on pure conjecture is that it must be very dangerous. I also think it must take a certain type of individual for that line of work. I pray the coverts find out enough stuff about America’s enemies to keep the country safe.


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Years ago, this woman in the video would never have been hired at the CIA in the first place.
No - and that's not even considering her criminal record.
Actually this gets more serious the more I discover that Critical Race Theory is seeping into our military. I could elaborate but this is all unspoken, so don't tell anybody about the damage to our clandestine operatives' morale when they hear that their families are regarded as the most dangerous threat to America. At the summit in Geneva our Commander in Chief managed to butcher the Thomas Jefferson quote about the tree of liberty being watered by tyrants and patriots. In his description of those "thinking about going after the government these days" he said "You better bring some F-15s and some NUCULAR weapons." Anyone in intelligence work can tell you that there is a sign in the inner areas of all nuclear facilities that reads: