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I was supposed to drop off one of my kids at a friend's house for an afternoon of games, but we were running late. I'm still weak from recovering from the flu. We finally got there and after chatting with the parents for a bit I went out to the car to take off.

Right there, hovering at the end of my car were two JW's looking expectantly at me in order to share their false teachings. These guys were older gentlemen and approached me with their info in hand saying, "You look pretty busy......" and were handing me the paper to take with me. As they were doing this I just felt this strong determination not to take that paper and instead started to open up my purse.

I pulled out a tract, turned to them and said, "You know, I grew up in a cult and this is really the answer." They weren't willing to take it, but were close enough that I most boldly tucked that track right into one of their suit jacket pockets. I smiled and said, "If you guys can give material out, surely you can also receive some material." Said goodby, got into the car and began backing out as they moved on to the next house.

I wasn't rude but I kind of took myself by surprise at what I said and did as that just wasn't my normal self and kind of felt a surge of adrenaline after that interaction. I sure wasn't expecting them, but the thought quickly came to me to give them something with the truth in it instead. I hope that was the leading of the Holy Spirit. I just didn't have the energy to have a discussion and that was the best I could do. I pray that they look at that track......that it burns in their minds to do so, and be saved.

At any rate, I suppose I at least warded off my child's friend's house from an unwanted visit.


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I shared the gospel with the JW's when they came to my door. Some people just ignore them not answering the door. I know God wants them to know the truth, and also shared with the RLDS people walking by. He who wins souls is wise. We are planting the seeds, and watering. Hopefully, they were saved and it least we were obedient to share the gospel.

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Yep, God gives us these opportunities to witness to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses . In fact he even sends them to our door so we don't have to go looking for them!
Hey yeah! You're right Adrian, I usually just fob them off. I have asked the JW's to put a dot on my house on their map (they have one) so they know not to come back. Every now and then they'll pop back asking me if I still want them not to come.

I have offered to have them come back anytime if they'd like to hear the true gospel of Jesus, but no one has yet.