UN mission demands security guarantees from Lebanon after troops ‘threatened’


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UN mission demands security guarantees from Lebanon after troops ‘threatened’
UNIFIL says a detachment was confronted by armed men in civilian clothes while on routine patrol in southern Lebanon, with group trying to take the soldiers’ weapons

BEIRUT, Lebanon — The United Nation’s mission in Lebanon called Sunday for the country’s military to guarantee the security of its peacekeepers, alleging personnel were “threatened” by armed men the day before. The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) has long been deployed in the country’s south — a stronghold of the powerful Shiite terror group Hezbollah — to maintain a barrier with Israel, as the two countries technically remain at war.

A routine UNIFIL patrol was confronted on Saturday by “a group of men in civilian clothes” near the Arab al-Louaize district in southern Lebanon, force spokesperson Andrea Tenenti said in a statement. The men “threatened the soldiers and tried to take their weapons,” he said. “Attacks, threats, and acts of intimidation against UNIFIL peacekeepers… are a matter of serious concern, and we call on the Lebanese armed forces to guarantee the safety, security and freedom of movement” of the UN force, he said in a statement.

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