UN General Assembly calls for Russia to make reparations in Ukraine


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UN General Assembly calls for Russia to make reparations in Ukraine
"It is time to hold Russia accountable" says Ukraine's Ambassador to the UN Sergiy Kyslytsya.
Published: NOVEMBER 14, 2022

The United Nations General Assembly on Monday called for Russia to be held accountable for its conduct in Ukraine, voting to approve a resolution recognizing that Russia must be responsible for making reparations to the country.

The resolution, supported by 94 of the assembly's 193 members, said Russia, which invaded its neighbor in February, "must bear the legal consequences of all of its internationally wrongful acts, including making reparation for the injury, including any damage, caused by such acts."

The resolution recommends that member states, in cooperation with Ukraine, create an international register to record evidence and claims against Russia. General Assembly resolutions are nonbinding, but they carry political weight.

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The UN needs to categorize its announcements:

Condemnations with no effect
Recommendations that sound great but can’t work
Recommendations that make you roll your eyes*
Climate Change Harangues
Useless Bloviation from high officials
Useless Bloviation written by interns
Babylon Bee Greatest Hits
Requests for money from nations the UN wants to
go broke

*includes demands for reparations from nations actively bombing their enemies’ infrastructure
(AKA time travel to a nonexistent future)
(AKA UN competition with Babylon Bee - Joke of
the year)
(AKA invitation to rogue nations to fire volleys of
rockets immediately when asked for reparations)