UN COI will probe question of Israeli apartheid - Pillay tells 'Post'


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UN COI will probe question of Israeli apartheid - Pillay tells 'Post'
The COI investigators dismissed charges of bias, noting they were reaching conclusions based on evidence and international law.
Published: JUNE 15, 2022

The UN’s Commission of Inquiry (COI) plans to investigate whether Israel committed acts of apartheid against Palestinians, but has no immediate intentions to do so, nor has it reached any conclusions on the matter in advance of such a probe, COI chair Navi Pillay told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday. “Whether apartheid is a matter of concern to the people of Israel and Palestine is something that we will investigate,” Pillay said by phone from Geneva along with COI investigator Miloon Kothari of India.

The two international legal experts are part of a three-member COI on Israel, which presented its first report on alleged Israeli human rights abuses against Palestinians to the United Nations Human Rights Council this week as the body opened its 50th session in Geneva. Israeli officials have feared that the COI plans to find the country guilty of apartheid, thereby bolstering a drive to transform what they believe is a territorial conflict into a racial one by way of delegitimizing the Jewish state. Non-governmental groups such as Amnesty International have already submitted reports to the COI charging Israel with apartheid already from the state’s inception in 1948.

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