UN Asked to Revoke PA Observer Status Over Abduction


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UN Asked to Revoke PA Observer Status Over Abduction
Former Ambassador Dr. Alan Baker: UN's legitimization is responsible for the abduction, violates Oslo Accords.
By Tova Dvorin, Ido Ben-Porat
First Publish: 6/20/2014, 11:19 AM
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Former Israeli Ambassador to Canada Dr. Alan Baker, the head of the Legal Forum for Israel, has formally requested that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon revoke the Palestinian Authority's (PA) observer status Friday, in light of their unity with Hamas. "The tragic abduction and imprisonment of three young Israelis by a terrorist organization, attached to what you call the 'State of Palestine' and now considered a state observer at the UN, is a gross violation of humanitarian norms and conventions," Baker wrote. Baker, along with fellow Chief of the Legal Forum Nahi Eyal, also made a distinct connection between the UN's recognition of PA-occupied Judea and Samaria as a State, and the sad state of affairs in the Middle East.

"According to every criteria set forth by the International Criminal Court, the Palestinian Authority should not be recognized as a country, and when the UN gives it this status, it constitutes a violation of the Oslo Accords," they said. "This is especially true in light of the integration of Hamas, known to most civilized countries as a terrorist organization, and which is now being led by the Palestinian Authority." "Anything that goes against all of the decisions of the UN itself about the prevention of sponsorship and assistance to terrorist organizations should provoke a revocation of status," they added.

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Will have to keep an eye on this, but then again we know whats going to happen.....:rolleyes