UN appeals to EU over Israeli Palestinian NGO terror designation


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UN appeals to EU over Israeli Palestinian NGO terror designation
A number of EU member states have publicly expressed skepticism over the terror designation, but the EU has not taken a more active stance on the matter.
Published: DECEMBER 12, 2021

Nine UN human rights special rapporteurs have appealed to the EU to pressure Israel to rescind its designation of six Palestinian NGOs as terror organizations. In a letter published over the weekend, the nine investigators asked EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell to set a time frame for Israel to provide evidence of the terrorist activity. “Demand that Israel publicly present, within a short and defined time frame, concrete and credible evidence that the six Palestinian organizations are, and operate as, terrorist organizations,” the investigators wrote. “Demand that, if Israel fails to present such evidence... it should fully and publicly withdraw its allegations and the designations without delay.” Last week, a delegation of local diplomats from 10 EU countries visited the NGOs in Ramallah, led by EU representative Sven Kühn von Burgsdorff.

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