UN accuses Israel of recruiting Palestinian child soldiers


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UN accuses Israel of recruiting Palestinian child soldiers
Israel said the UN claims were false and pushed back against the draft report which Israel said was downplaying Palestinian terrorism.

A draft of the UN’s Children and Armed Conflict report for 2023 accuses Israel of recruiting three Palestinian minors as human shields and combatants. A draft of the report on incidents in 2022 includes the new accusation, which the Israeli Embassy to the UN called “strange” in its official rebuttal. A final draft is expected to be published in late June or early July. “These claims are not supported by any evidence that could be examined by the Israeli authorities,” the Israeli Embassy wrote.

“According to our findings, this lack of evidence is due to the fact that no such cases took place in 2022 and that the claims are false. Israel expects to see these baseless claims removed from the final report.”

more............. https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-744508


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Made me smile and think that the un ignoring how gaza Lebanon etc are exploiting children and un totally refuse to condemn them, oh what's the use the un are totally useless.
Don't you know it is only socially acceptable for Muslim terrorist organizations to recruit kids so they can strap bombs on themselves and blow other innocent people up.

We all know Israel would never recruit children like this. They even give people a warning when they are about to bomb a building when retaliating from rocket attacks