UK’s Johnson reaffirms ‘unflinching’ support for Israel’s security


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UK’s Johnson reaffirms ‘unflinching’ support for Israel’s security
In the new Conservative Friends of Israel’s "Informed Magazine," PM Boris Johnson said he is proud that the UK-Israel relationship has gone “from strength to strength” under his government.
OCTOBER 1, 2021

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he and his party stand with Israel and its security in Conservative Friends of Israel’s Informed Magazine, released on Friday. "Under this government, the UK’s support for Israel’s security will be unflinching,” Johnson wrote in a letter to the pro-Israel group, saying that “the Conservative Party stands firmly with Israel.”

“We will always back Israel’s right to self-defense,” he added. Johnson said the Abraham Accords, peace and normalization agreements between Israel and three Arab states, show that “progress in the Middle East is possible.”

"The recent sight of Israeli and Palestinian firefighters working together to tackle wildfires near Jerusalem was a small but welcome sign of hope - and the UK stands ready to support genuine advancement towards a more positive future for both Israelis and Palestinians," he wrote.