Ukrainian leader says Putin wants his whole country, asks for NATO help

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BERLIN/MOSCOW (Reuters) - Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko accused Russia’s Vladimir Putin on Thursday of wanting to annex his entire country and called for NATO to deploy warships to a sea shared by the two nations.

Poroshenko’s comments to German media were part of a concerted push by Kiev to gain Western support for more sanctions against Moscow, securing tangible Western military help, and rallying opposition to a Russian gas pipeline that threatens to deprive Ukraine of important transit revenues.

His Western allies have so far not offered to provide any of these things, despite his warnings of a possible Russian invasion after Moscow seized three Ukrainian naval ships and their crews on Sunday near Crimea.


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Oh dear! This is going to be a real test of NATO and the western countries ability to protect the Ukraine.

Russia is betting the west will leave the Ukraine hanging out to dry, ignoring their plight as Russia moves in again, this time for good.

And I don't think they'll manage to get any real support from anywhere.

It's just like Germany's annexation of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland and other smaller areas PRIOR to WW2. Germany was betting (correctly) that those who were allied with major powers would turn a blind eye to their expansionism. Czechoslovakia actually had an alliance with FRANCE and ENGLAND that should have protected them, but both those countries preferred appeasement rather than getting mixed up in a war with Germany.

The invasion of Poland happened next and technically started the war, but Poland was hoping for help that never came.

During WW2 both these countries actively resisted and cooperated with the West during the war effort, and still ended up being tossed aside in the partition between Russia and the West after the war.

This business in the Ukraine is looking an awful lot like history repeating itself.